Mexican Madness

The margarita’s history, like the drink itself, is variable. Some sources claim that it was invented in Mexico by bartender Carlos “Danny” Herrera who made it for dancer Marjorie King because she was allergic to almost every spirit except tequila.

There are others that contend its was concocted in America, either by a socialite named Margarita Sames or for singer Peggy (Margaret) Lee.

Whether you like it straight up, over ice or blended, there’s no denying that this drink is a is a crowd pleaser, so much so that there’s a day in it’s honour.

According to this website, National Margarita Day was founded by Todd McCalla to spread his love of margaritas. I, on the other hand, utilised this day as an excuse to have a drink on a budget, free nachos and an opportunity to tick a much hyped speakeasy off my list.


If you walk into the London Bridge Breakfast Club and ask to “get lucky” you’ll be taken through the kitchen and into a Mexican themed tequila den known as Call Me Mr Lucky.


The menu is Tex-Mex sharing food and in addition to our freebies, we ordered jalapeno waffles and avocado fries. Understandably the bar was rammed and we were forgotten about, but call me miss Lucky (see what I did there!), the manager Bianca was amazing and not only sorted out our nacho crisis but gave us a bottle of prosecco and a round of tequila shots.

Mexican is one of my fave cuisines and when Club Mexicana opened their doors at Pamela in Dalston, I knew I had to round up my vegan mate immediately! I don’t mind a bit of vegan food from time  to time, but as someone who likes fine dining and great ambiance, I can never settle for the tye-die vibes of most Veg/Vegan restaurants.


I apologise for rubbing Himalayan Pink sea salt in the wounds of vegans the world over, but the crowd wasn’t your cliche dreadlocked, hemp side-bag, pale person but a mixture of adventurous foodies, like myself, and sympathetic carnivorous boyfriends.


But for the carnivore at heart, the faux meat was so realistic in looks, texture and so flavoursome that you could be fooled into thinking you were eating the real thing! Except for the seitan deep fried chicken wings, which were amazing, but no comparison to the real wing!






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