Hating on Speed Dating

With a lack of Valentines Plans I turned to TimeOut for some singleton V-Day inspo that would be better than a giant bowl of pasta, Netflix and fresh sheets.

What I discovered was Speed Hating by Down with Dating – exactly like speed dating but you only discuss what you hate.

I rallied my single friend and bought two tickets to what would result in finding true love or having a great story to tell at dinner parties.

While waiting for Vic at The Albany, I had a nerve reducing/chat enhancing double vodka soda and when she finally arrived, we went downstairs to ‘The Other Place’ to commence dating/ hating.


The Rules:

  • You are given an alias name upon entry (mine was Agatha, Vic’s was Renee [pronounced ree-knee])
  • Everyone brings a drawing of themselves which are stuck on the wall and at the end of the night if you like a person, you put your email on their drawing and the organiser will pass it on
  • You have 3 mins to hate. You can either pick each other apart, talk about things you dislike or use the handy convo points on the table to spark your hatred
  • Boys sit on one side and rotate left after the 3 minutes
  • Girls sit opposite and don’t move along


The Reality:

Vic and I sat next to guys who were dissecting the topic of hate in a way that was reminiscent of a conversation between the characters on The Big Bang Theory.

We changed seats immediately.

Our next seating arrangement didn’t improve our odds as we sat across two guys who were a lot older than the average attendees.

And then there was one guy who did not find me funny at all!
He asked me what I hated and I responded “feet”.
“Ahhh so you don’t have good feet?” He asked
“I have remarkable feats but just not remarkable feet” I replied.


However, after a few ‘dates’ the talent was improving…or was the wine working?



The guys were a bit socially awkward and only way to make the conversation more interesting was to lie about my occupation. I was:

  • a bike courier
  • a herpetologist at London Zoo who was poached from Australia Zoo to head the Reptilian Research program
  • and an emergency telephone operator

At the half way point we played ‘Blind Date’, where one lucky guy got to ask three lovely ladies a series of questions before choosing the one based solely on her answers.

Myself and Vic volunteered, along with another girl who was a bit to drunk to understand the game but who won, despite her incoherent ramblings about unicorns and getting the plot of Harry Potter embarrassingly incorrect.

The novelty soon wore off and our egos were bruised after losing ‘Blind Date’, so we left at the end of a three minute set.

Overall it was an insightful experience and has taught me that I am an incredibly gifted small talker…and modest.



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