Sunday’s Funday

People love Melbourne for its amazing array of brunch spots, nightlife, culture and sport. Yes I love Melbs, but I don’t think these things separate us from the rest of the world. Soz guys.

I think our distinguishing feature is our ability to celebrate. Which other city in Australia declares a horse race and a football match cause for a public holiday? #melbournecup #aflgrandfinal

‘Australian Spirit’ entwines six ideas that we so modestly believe emancipated us from the Brits; endurance, courage, ingenuity, good humour, larrikinism, and mateship.

We have ingeniously approached Sunday as Funday, a chance to gather your mates and the courage to ‘back it up’ before enduring Monday with a hangover and the notion that another week has begun.

This is what I miss about home. I love it here, but Sunday’s are like the weather, depressing AF.

Thankfully I have been instilled with enough ‘Aussie Spirit’, and any other spirit for that matter, to find suitable places to release my inner larrikin.

Gigalum has a happy five hours from noon on Sundays where you can welcome a new week with the best Long Island Ice Teas. As the sun goes down, the music gets louder and the dance floor fills with a mixture of locals and the southern hemisphere’s finest…and blokes wearing footy shorts and thongs.


gigalum 2gigalum 3Or perhaps Shoreditch is more your style, in which case you can enjoy two cocktails for 10 pounds at the Drunken Monkey before sauntering down Brick Lane tasting all the amazing street food and drinking in the varied establishments along the way. Big Chill and 93 Feet East are the main contenders here.

When the suns out you can get your guns out at The Ship in Wandsworth. It’s a fair way out but it is definitely worth it, just make sure you get down early to secure a primo spot!


ship 2

And if your idea of a Sesh is a food sesh, than join the Pizza East Key Ring club and whip it out in Nottinghill on Sundays to get 50% off the entire bill, including alcohol!


Whatever you do on Sunday shouldn’t be determined by your working week, Alka-Seltzer was invented for a reason! So have a cup of cement, harden up and approach Sunday with a good old dose of Aussie humour.






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