Just touched down in London town…

London is an incredible city with something amazing to do every night. My move here has been simultaneously frightening and fulfilling, but clichés aside, this experience has taught me a lot:

  • 12 degrees Celsius is no longer freezing.
  • Cheap cutlery will bend as you spoon Ben & Jerry’s out of the container.
  • The pasta bowl does not exist, all pasta must be served in a cereal bowl or on a plate.
  • “Shattered” means tired, not devastated.
  • “You right?” is the English version of “How ya going?” not a way to start a confrontation.

The Aussie Nomad has the best deets on how to set yourself up in London and for a fee agencies are willing to help you find a job, get a bank account, National Insurance number (the Australian version of a tax file number) and enrol with the NHS.

Finding a job to suit your qualifications is hard but not impossible and although its minimum wage, jobs in hospitality are easy to come by and allow you to manage while you keep sending out those CVs.

Fortunately London is a great city to live the poor life in. The majority of museums are free and amongst the best in the world and it doesn’t cost a thing to walk around the many varying boroughs of London, and exploring different areas is the best way to find where you want to hang your hat, or big puffy jacket, at the end of the day.

1545886_10153142949376575_7836031480476512152_n 11075234_10153142948081575_145167883280112608_n

I love Shoreditch. There are so many hip cafes, cool restaurants like Cereal Killer Cafe and Pizza East, and the most amazing food markets scattered throughout Brick Lane every Sunday. As for nightlife, Shoreditch has it all, pubs, bars and speakeasies serving all sorts of crazy cocktails like the ‘Holy Smoke’, served in a hollowed out bible with a side of frankincense and myrrh…Amen. 11046615_10153142947496575_4750946931905507304_o

If you want to stay within walking distant of nitro ice-cream, then Camden is the place for you. Camden Market has incredible food stands and vintage clothes and antique stalls, and in the evening there’s always an open mic night or stand up comedy gig to attend.

10338725_10153142937586575_3502651326376957491_n 11071031_10153142937581575_1523744975164996755_n

If you are ever stuck for ideas on what to do in this fabulous town, design my night has all the tips for any night out on any budget. From the craziest cocktail bars to pub crawls and even Beyonce dance classes, this site has it all.

If you’re Australian and feeling a bit homesick, there’s alway Bogan Bingo at the Slug at Fulham where knowing the lyrics to any John Farnham anthem and wearing a flanny is mandatory.


I knew moving here in winter meant literally freezing weather and the possibility of a white christmas but I didn’t fully comprehend the harsh realities. The sun sets by 3:30pm and layering your clothing becomes a matter of survival.

Winter is easier knowing that there are still amazing things to do like ice skating around Somerset House, Winterwonderland in Hyde Park and the Christmas lights down Oxford St.



Moving out of my home in Melbourne into shared accommodation here has taught me not only to be independent but that bleach helps to keep those whites white.

Mostly I have come to appreciate my parents and realise the hard work that goes into maintaining a clean home, providing basic necessities and budgeting.


One thought on “Just touched down in London town…

  1. Chris says:

    Sounds like you fell in love with London just like I did all those years ago. It’s a truly amazing place to live and experience the world. Made even more exciting is so many other countries being right on your doorstep as well.


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