Parlez Vous Francais?

Clubbing in Paris is brilliant and most clubs have free entry offers for girls on their websites. Just remember appropriate to wear heels or you’ll end up getting rejected like we did.

This little mishap didn’t ruin our night though. We ended up with some French people driving along the Champs Élysées, through the Arc De Triomphe blasting French RnB and looking for a shisha bar that was open.

This magnificent city never disappoints.

I have been to Paris twice before and have enjoyed visiting Versailles, Disneyland, climbing the Eiffel Tower and taking the classic Mona Lisa selfie.

This time I came to see Beyonce and Jay-Z “On the Run”.

The entire show was #FLAWLESS, and it was the taken to a whole other level when Nicki Minaj joined Beyonce on stage to perform the remix.

People often associate France with amazing food. I’m not really about frogs legs, snails and foie gras.

I’m more cheese and bread than ‘coq au vin’.

The best meal I had there was one I bought at a supermarket and ate underneath the Eiffel Tower as it lit up.

Croissants are one of my favourite breakfasts, and being in their homeland I wanted to have the best one! Located near the end of the metro ligne 13, in Malakoff is Michel Lyczak’s Patisserie. winner of 2013’s search for Paris’ best croissant. This is truly the most amaizng pastry I have ever tasted, and due to the 45 minute journey out of Paris to taste it, I thought it was only fair that I got two.

But there is more to Paris than food.

Some of the best days I have ever had have been unplanned, and overseas this is no exception. I would wake up, have coffee at ‘Le Cafe Cotume’, which is the best coffee in Paris, and then I’d just walk around. This is how I came across one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever seen, Saint-Sulpice, in the Luxembourg Quarter.



Although we took our time navigating Paris, we did get a chance to be tourists and:
• Enjoy a lovely macaron at Laudrée.

• Buy a lock, write our names on it, attach it to the love lock bridge and throw the key in the Seine. #lovelockdown

• Walk through Montmartre


• Classic photos in front of the pyramid at the Louvre.


• A visit to Notre Dame where, for some reason, our photo was taken diagonally then photo-bombed by a drunk uni student.

• Window shopping down Rue Saint-Honoré.




The city of love is certainly a city I am in love with. It’s beautiful, intriguingly ugly, overwhelming and even underwhelming at times.

Paris is not for everyone but, it is for me.

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