I welcomed my 23rd year of life at the port of Ios waiting for a ferry to Santorini. The ferry was three hours late but the icing on the cake was that I actually had one. The girls took a tub of ice cream, put it on a plate enclosed by kit-kats with m&m’s on top. #delish



My friends know that they way to my heart is through my stomach and they ensured that I would be in no shortage of my favourite foods on my birthday. For our first breakfast in Santorini, they sourced an artisan loaf of bread, avocado, feta and a fried egg to make my fave brunch dish; smashed av!


Perissa is famous for it’s black sand which comes from the volcano off the shore of the island. The sand will strip layers of skin off the soles of your feet! So make sure you wear some sort of footwear to and from the water because, contrary to the lifesavers on Baywatch, there is no sexy way to run on sand.




Our mates we made on Croatia sail were in Santorini as well and we caught up with them at Lioyerma, Oia to watch the sunset, and once again there was cake!





We then kicked off the party at Highlander Bar in Fira…


…and ended the night at the 24hour bakery next to our hotel with fresh feta and spinach pie! #blessed

We spent our last night enjoying a picturesque dinner in Fira before having one last party with the Cro-crew.





With incredible food fortune, quality company on the beautiful island of Santorini, I truly had one of the best birthdays yet!

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