Getting to the Greek

Note to self: Always read itinerary carefully.

We booked a flight from Split to Athens with, what we thought was a 2-hour stopover in Belgrade, Serbia.

After we checked our baggage all the way through to Athens and saw it roll away, the lady told us to enjoy our 20 hour stay in Belgrade.

Fortunately, it’s an is incredibly cool city and what we thought would be a hellish overnight stay turned into a fun adventure, and ticked another place off the map.


When we finally made it to Athens, we threw our bags down, had a shower and went in search of the best Greek food this ancient capital had to offer. Our amazing Air Bnb hostess gave us crisp, cold watermelon and told us Kanella was where all the locals go.


The food did not disappoint and we were given free dessert, you can’t get any better than that!


Across the road there’s also a cute little rooftop bar that serves as the perfect place to watch the sun set.


We caught a 7am ferry to Ios, the island we would call home for a month. Given our history of planning, or lack of, it’s no surprise that the only accommodation we could book looked like the set of M.A.S.H.


Our only consolidation for this less than average accommodation was that Far Out Beach club was THE place to stay, that and Francesco’s.


Far Out was the best for day pool parties, before everyone made their way into town to enjoy the live bands at ‘Circus’, RnB at ‘Coo’, the shots for the singlet at ‘Lost Boys’ and ending your night at the club that opens at 5am, ‘Sweet Irish’.


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