The Next Episode

Women are famously planners. From the important to the most intricate details, we usually have it covered with ease and an excel colour coded spreadsheet.

In some ways we approached our EuroTrip with this female stereotype, covering the most important aspects; outfits to pack, bottles of fake tan, packets of false eye-lashes, tickets to Beyonce & Jay-Z “On the Run” in Paris and a list of exercises that don’t require gym equipment. The important stuff.

We didn’t, however, plan accommodation, because after a 24-hour flight from Australia we thought it’d be no biggie to just wing it.

After hours of trying to get wifi and book a place to sleep, we eventually found an air bnb apartment around the corner from the famed Las Ramblas. We spent a lot of time in the markets, tasting the produce and eating cups of fresh fruit before making our way to the beach.


We planned to use our two days in Barcelona to get rid of jet lag and create a base tan for Portugal. We took our attention to tan a little too seriously and ended up with second degree burns which made travelling with 25kg backpacks more enjoyable.


In a country famous for peri-peri chicken, is one of the top party hostels in the world, The Rising Cock Hostel, which is hidden down the narrow streets of Lagos.


‘Mama’ welcomes you in and like any good mother, she knows how to make you feel better when you’re unwell/hung over. As she says, “You got a plate, you got a crepe!” and you will definitely have a crepe or ten washed down with her liver-cleansing lemon ‘tiki-tika’ tea.

And after a good breakfast, some sun and sea who isn’t ready to tackle the night with the more gusto than the night before?

Nah Nah Bah, across the road, begins at 11pm with a Happy Hour that ensures you will leave happy by the hour’s end. Shots for 1€, cheap basics and a drink called the bottom line that I believe is a Long Island ice tea.


After Nah Nah bar, you walk along the bar littered lanes, zipping in and out; joining the ‘Bomb Sqaud’ at Joe’s Garage, enjoying fish bowls at Inside Out and leaving Grand Café at sunrise.


Skybar is the place to enjoy a mojito in a rooftop pool over looking Lagos. Portugal was amazing and I can’t wait to experience the other cities.


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