In a city that built the Titanic, motivated some of U2's best work and provides the background for Game of Thrones, you'll find an incredible and vibrant party scene. Although the majority of pubs and bars shut at 1am, there are a few nightclubs that stay open until the wee hours, which we discovered the hard way … Continue reading Belfast

Bad Dates

Life is too short for bad dates! I was at a Ridley Road Market Bar with a friend, sitting across from the worst Tinder date in history. He was passionately describing the difference between pecorino and parmesan while she nodding, staring at the can in her hand. While he moved from one boring topic to … Continue reading Bad Dates

Mexican Madness

The margarita's history, like the drink itself, is variable. Some sources claim that it was invented in Mexico by bartender Carlos "Danny" Herrera who made it for dancer Marjorie King because she was allergic to almost every spirit except tequila. There are others that contend its was concocted in America, either by a socialite named Margarita … Continue reading Mexican Madness